A little about The Humble Vintage

The Humble Vintage is a Melbourne based bike hire service started by Matt Hurst in the spring of 2009.

A bike hire service catering to the visitor who rides a bike at home and would like a bike of their own to get around town be it for the day, weekend, week or month.

With a unique selection of vintage racers, classic upright style rides and ladies step-through bikes available for short term transportation and enjoyment, it is hoped the humble service can be the friend who knows a guy who’s got a few spare bikes for everybody.

Instead of having a single store, bikes are available from a handful of cafes, bike shops and markets around the city.

To complement, each rental comes with the cult map and guide publication Melbourne for Visitors and Casual Cyclists when available.

With original riding routes that take in the city’s architecture, bars, cafes, beaches, restaurants, parks, pubs and gardens, the content from the maps fuels thehumblevintage.com’s guide content, creating a riding resource and city guide tailored to the visitor and inner-city cyclist alike.

With this new site, The Humble Vintage is more than a bike hire service. An online journal dedicated to the city and the bike… So to, in an unexpected development, is book The Casual Cyclist’s Guide… A book for the road, and for the ages… visually rich and content rich too. A labour of love from myself and a variety of accomplished Melbournians. Take a look if you like to hold lovely and useful items in your hands…

Enjoy the site!


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