NEW YORK CITY is preparing to launch its bike share program this American summer, with 10,000 bikes and 600 docking stations spread across the five boroughs.

Given the city’s flat topography, rapidly increasing bike lane network (over 400 kilometers of new lanes in the past 5 years) and lack of compulsory helmet laws, its fair to say bike sharing in NYC seems like a smart move.

As does the way the city is selecting the positioning of its 600 docking stations. The city’s Department of Transport has launched a website where residents can vote for where they think a bike share station would be most useful to them.

The site allows users to simply check out a map, mark locations where they would like a bike share station to be located and offer a brief description of why their chosen spot would be a good one. Once marked, other users can “support” proposed stations by clicking on them.

Wouldn’t it be great if the State Government and operating contractor RACV ran a similar initiative before rolling out the Melbourne Bike Share?

Then, in addition to the CBD and a scattering of stations in Docklands, Southbank, Carlton, etc, perhaps there could be also be stations in St Kilda, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Windsor, Northcote, Brunswick, Footscray, Prahran, Richmond, Yarraville, etc, etc – in other words – where most Melbourne people actually live, work, shop and of course, ride.

Where would you like a bike share docking station?

While I don’t have the skills or budget to set up a map system similar to the NYC site, I’d love to offer the same outcome…

Simply write in the comments the suburb or street corner that is missing from the Melbourne Bike Share, and a few words on how that spot would actually get you using it the system more frequently if so inclined, and the info will be gathered pass it on to Melbourne Bike Share at the end of the summer.

Share your thoughts, then spread the word!

I’ll start the proceedings, below.


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