RANT – Skybus TV

While it’s painful enough having to pay $16 for a 20 minute bus ride and often still be left standing with out a seat, Skybus TV adds to this pain. What a sad first impression this 15 minutes of footage must leave on our new arrivals!

So, to the poor visitors wondering, “Oh shit, I heard Melbourne was interesting”, may we share the following insider knowledge:

1) Galactic Circus at Crown Casino is not “Melbourne’s most exciting entertainment experience”. It is a large indoor video game arcade.

2) Spencer Street Fashion Station is not “The place to shop in Melbourne”. It is a discount strip-mall in the site of a failed discount strip-mall called DFO, which moved to the Docklands, and failed again.

3) “Harbour Town Dock- lands – there’s no town like it.” A generic row of shops at the base of a broken down observation wheel – Actually, there probably isn’t another town like Harbour Town. But still, we reach our conclusion

4) Everything on Skybus TV is a lie!

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